• Any consumer who has purchased products or availed services
  • A registered volunteered organization
  • A group of customers with mutual interest
  • Legal heirs of a dead consumer
  • Relatives of a consumer
  • Central or State Government

When a customer is unsatisfied by the service of any service provider or seller, when defects are detected in concerned products or service or when a customer is cheated by a seller, then a complaint can be filed from the consumer’s side.

In order to avoid difficulty, one can file a consumer complaint online through www.complaints.website

If anyone is not satisfied with the decision of the National Commission the according to Revision Petition, he or she can file a Special Leave Petition in the Supreme Court within a period of thirty days, which is the limitation period mentioned in the Consumer Protection Act.

When a complaint is made against a person and that person fails to comply with State or National Commission’s decision, he or she shall be imprisoned for up to one month that might extend to three years.

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